How does one pronounce «Ahsanti»?

It is taken from the verb Ahasana (أحسن) which translates as: to do something well or to excel, and was conjugated to the second person singular female, i.e. you use it when speaking to a female person.

It’s also very often used as a congratulations, like saying: « well done ».

Who is the Shaykh 'Alee ibn 'Abde-l-Azeez Moosaa?

The shaykh is one of the scholars of Ahlu-s-Sunnah in Egypt, he has studied with the great scholars of Saudi Arabia for a period of eleven years.

From among them the shaykh Ibn Baaz رحمه الله and the shaykh al-Fawzaan, and the shaykh ar-Raajihee حفظهما الله.

He’s well know with the scholars of Egypt like the shaykh Raslaan, the shaykh Hasan ‘Abdu-l-Wahhaab, and the shaykh Tal’at Zahraan حفظهم الله.

The shaykh has numerous Ijaazaat of al-Qur’an and the grand books of Hadeeth.

Visit his website for more information:

It's it required to have prior knowledge of the Arabic to register?

For men and children wanting to study the Arabic then there are no prerequisites, the curriculum starts with teaching the letters and the pronunciation from the first grade « Muqaddimah Alif » on out.

Also al-Qaa’idah an-Nooraniyyah starts of from the beginning.

For course in al-Qur’an it is preferred to have studied al-Qaa’idah an-Nooraniyyah but it is not a prerequisite.

For courses in more complex Arabic books some prerequisites are there, ask the administration for more information.

What's the difference between a session/period and a level/grade?

A session or period consists of four weeks, while a level or grade can comprise multiple sessions.

How can I obtain the books for each level/grade?

The books will be given out in PDF or RAR form and send to the student.

What are the course days and time slots?

The possible days and class schedules vary according to the course teachers, but basically run from Monday to Sunday from after praying Fajr prayer until the ‘isha (please consider the possible offsets as if the teacher should be in Egypt, Morocco, etc …).

Can I study a book outside the program of the Shaykh?

Yes this is possible, contact the administration about the availability and rates.

What application is used to convey the lessons?

The application used is « Skype », with a few simple clicks the teacher can share his screen with the students so they can tag along with the teacher’s explanation, your whiteboard brought close.

How do I send my homework to the teacher?

Via email, skype, whatsapp or other similar applications by taking a photo of the assignment done or by scanning the sheet in question, etc …

Of how many people does a group consist?

We strive to make the groups for Arabic classes to consist of four students, and the groups for al-Qur’an and al-Qaa’idah an-Nooraniyyah to consist of six students, this will be same for men as for children.