Every student is asked to keep his intentions straight, and to keep a respectful attitude towards his teacher and the direction.

As for the children, then the parents are responsible for their child’s behavior. If the behavior of the child is found to be disturbing to the class then the parents will be notified and asked to take the appropriate measures to ensure it doesn’t occur again.

The administration holds the right to expel any student that has bad manners with one of the teachers or one of the members of the administration, and any remaining lessons will be refunded.

It is asked that no man or boy that has become baaligh (entered puberty) will be present at the times of the courses.

To confirm a student’s registration he must have paid the rates before the start of the course period.

It’s prohibited for a student to take part in the class of another person (except if for illustration purposes).

We do not allow that the student takes courses with his teacher outside of class hours, and outside of the institute.

Any comments or complaints regarding the operation and conduct of courses must be made only to the administration.

  1. The Material:
    Classes are held via the known and widespread « Skype » application. Each student or caregiver must ensure the proper functioning of the equipment before each class by performing various actions such as check if the webcam (if allowed), microphone and headphones are plugged in, close programs which could slowdown the connection and especially programs that use the audio or video.
  2. Timetable and schedule:
    • The possible days and class schedules vary according to the course teachers, but basically run from Monday to Sunday from after praying Fajr prayer until the ‘isha.
      (consider the possible offsets as if the teacher should be in Egypt, Morocco, etc …)
    • During his studies, students can increase or decrease the number of hours, or change the time slot by contacting the administration, our team will try to fulfill his request (this will be easier for the individual courses, but may be more complicated for group classes).
    • However, the institute will not be liable for any teaching days lost in case of the unavailability of teachers in the time desired by the student.
  3. General Organization of the studies:
    The student is asked the student to fulfill all the homework given out by the teacher.It is not allowed to speak as far as possible in a language other than the eloquent Arabic, except if there is a need for or benefit in it.
  4. Absence and being late:
    • If the student is late more than half an hour, the current lesson is automatically canceled and deducted from the courses provided and will not be refunded nor substituted.
    • Any delay of the teacher’s presence should be reported to the administration in order to be calculated and substituted at the end of the level.
    • In case of delay of the teacher’s presence, the student must wait half an hour before disconnecting and then tell us about his absence.
    • Parents are responsible in case of absence or delay of their child.
    • Any absence of the student should be reported to the administration at least 24 hours prior to the course and not directly to the teacher.
    • Any unannounced absence will be deducted from the courses.
  5. Payment and refund:
    • The payment has to be made before the start of each new course period and the sum will be comprised of the number of lessons a week and the costs of the new book that comes with the new grade.
    • The period will not start without payment (although some tolerance is possible if should be concerning former students whose have been found serious in their studies).
    • If for whatever reason you want to discontinue the process, inform the administration before the start of the new course period. No refunds can be made for a course period already underway.
    • Payment is possible via PayPal, Moneygram, Western Union, etc … Any possible charges depending on payment method is the responsibility of the student.
    • In the case of the expulsion of a student, the money corresponding to the hours of unstudied classes will be fully refunded.
  6. Books:
    • The books that accompany each periods or levels are in PDF or RAR format and are exclusive to us by permission of the Shaykh ‘Ali ibn ‘Abde-l-Azeez Moosaa and should be used strictly for personal purposes by the student.
    • It is forbidden to teach the files of the institute, sell or transmit them to a third person, etc … You should fear Allah by agreeing to this commitment.
  7. Exams:
    • The student will take an exam half way into the period and at the end of it, he must score 75% to qualify to enter into the next grade.
    • A lower result will requires re-examination until obtaining the reuqired results In shaa Allah or by restarted from the beginning at an accelerated pace.