Program of «al-Qur’an»

The courses consist of learning Aayaat and Soorahs, the correcting of the Qiraa’ah (recitation), revision and the learning the rules of Tajweed theoretically and/or practically.

Cours de Coran

Arabic Program for Men

Our study program is the same as that was taught at the village Markaz Badr in Egypt under the direction of the noble shaykh / ‘Alee ibn ‘Abde-l-Azeez Moosaa may Allaah preserve him, and is known by numerous Muhaajireen and students of knowledge from around the world.

This program belongs to the shaykh ‘Alee Moosaa may Allaah reward him.

he curriculum is a proven exhaustive study, addressing notions of Nahw (grammer), Shi’r (poetry), Sarf (morphology) and Balaaghah (eloquence). It extends from the level « introduction Alif » for the beginners to the sixth level (each course book consists of between 200 to 300 pages) which will enable you to, with Allaah’s permission, to enter into more superior levels.

The program will be the same for the one that studies individually, in pairs, or in group form (it’s only the rates that will change).

 Cours d'Arabe

As is detailed in the section « Our regulations » there will be a checkup exam half-way into each level and at it’s end.

The course will only be in the Arabic language, except for the totally new students and only if there should be a need for it.

NB : The students who already have learned the basis of the Arabic it is possible to open up some Arabic masterpieces, they are kindly referred to the « F.A.Q. » section.

Program for «al-Qaa’idah An-Nooraaniyyah»

It is a simple but well structured method for learning how to perfectly read the Arabic letters and words.

Spread over seventeen lesson, and organized in a sensible logical manner, it gradually begins from learning the pronunciation of the letters of the alphabet, then the harakaat, up until whole words and short sentences.

Qua'ida Nouraniyyah

As an excellent preface to learning at-Tajweed it has given very good results, be it with adults or children as many can attest.

Arabic Program for Children

The curriculum for the children consists of three levels and comprises besides the Arabic language, some religious sciences like at-Tawheed, al-Manhaj and al-Fiqh, and also comprises courses in math.

Cours d'Arabe Enfants